Applied Solutions


Successful development is facilitated by multidisciplinary research, deep technical insights and product/market awareness. We equip our clients with the tools to make informed decisions getting to the core of development challenges.





Technology Commercialization

Deep technical knowledge and extensive industry expertise allows us to avidly analyze technology for risk assessment and commercialization potential. Deloy facilitates client navigation through federal programs to the commercial marketplace and reduces technology threats.  Our approach helps clients minimize risk and develop their technology into suitable, field-ready products.

Contract R&D

We leave no stone unturned. Our in depth research will examine your challenges from a variety of angles to create more value in every step. Through comprehensive research, we help companies make discoveries leading to the development of new products and procedures, and greatly improving their existing products and procedures. Our results driven recommendations combine insight and innovation to ensure our clients receive increased value and competitive positioning.

Business to Business (B2B) Partnership Development

We take pride in the positive relationships we form with businesses. Our B2B partnerships are successful because we emphasize alignment for each side’s priorities, we mesh together incentives that work for both organizations and maintain open communication. Success depends on the right planning and dedication for both parties, and we drive actions to make that happen.

Supply Chain Development

Modern supply chains need to be nimble and creative to address the demands of supply and logistics expectations. Deloy works collaboratively with suppliers to improve or expand their capabilities and better serve our clients, meeting and/or exceeding their requirements.

Early Product Prototyping

In early product prototyping, we provide the conditions for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one.  Our brainstorming, prototyping and feedback methodology helps your team achieve results. We can facilitate your next prototyping endeavor and bring your ideas to fruition.