Strategic Solutions


Our Strategic solutions provide an objective view of a technology’s position and potential within the marketplace. Our analysis services include intellectual property review(s), product tear-down, SWOT analysis, and product performance testing.  These analysis provide data to help investors, technology managers, R&D managers, and executives, make better informed decisions, minimizing risk.




Competitive Intelligence

We are keenly aware of the importance of having a competitive edge. Our competitive intelligence services provide you with a closer look at the competitive landscape within your marketplace, and can elucidate key factors relevant to your industry and market strategy.  A deep dive into competitive intelligence can prepare your firm to stay a step ahead of your competitors and confidently anticipate and respond to their moves.  We can provide single comprehensive reports (snap shots) of technology areas, or ongoing periodic reports which cover all the events, news and activities within a given technology or market area.

Intellectual Property Assessment

Protecting your intellectual assets is extremely valuable in today’s competitive environment. Deloy evaluates proprietary technology for risk assessment and commercialization potential.  Our experts help you leverage the most out of your intangible assets by radically improving the identification, tracking, processing, security and protection of a company’s intellectual property.

Emerging Technology Diligence

Deloy provides diligence services for venture capitalist and financial institutions seeking to invest in emerging technology areas; primarily in the flat-panel display, semiconductor, electronic materials, optoelectronic devices, and nanotechnology industries. We focus on assessing technology risk and its impact on commercial viability; i.e. knowing the right questions to ask. Our expertise and extensive network in cross-disciplined technology areas enable us to provide in-depth analysis and perspectives on the commercialization potential of a given technology.  Deloy can minimize your investment risk by providing thorough and objective evaluations of emerging technical innovations.

Technology Landscaping

If you can identify your product and technology roadmap you can get a strategic revenue growth jump on your competition. By conducting examinations across a variety of records and sources, we are able to recognize technologies, processes and ongoing research that fit our clients’ needs and conditions. Our team can facilitate building your product roadmap, evolving your products based on key identified characteristics and the technical tendencies of capability maturation.